There are two kinds of membership: registered member and premium member. Register member can only receive email newsletter but not enjoy membership benefits.

Become premium member: download and fill out the STC membership application form and send it back to, then pay the membership fee (RMB200/year) to the below account:

-   Bank transfer: 招商银行(姓名:钱岭戈 卡号:6225882120633158开户行:招商银行上海分行中远两湾城支行) (when you do bank transfer, please indicate your name and reason to help us locate the payment)

-   Zhifubao (alipay): 

-   Cash: 1st Floor, The Stadium East, Stairs No.5, 9 YuShan Road, YuanShen Sports Center, Pudong New District

Once you fill out the form and made the membership payment, we will send you a premium membership card with unique number. With this card you can get:

  1. receiving our email newsletter about registration information of races & events; reviews and photo share of races and gear information; training schedule and advice etc.
  2. register with the group and enjoy group discount and travel/accommodation arrangement for domestic races
  3. 10% off on all purchase at STC shop and enjoy special membership discount for selected items
  4. Free entry to any talks, social evenings and training organized by STC (not including personal expenses for any training)

-   Our informational talk topics include basic information on triathlon; sport and nutrition; preventing and treating sports injuries; outdoor first aid etc. The Club will invite a wide variety of experts to share expert knowledge with Members and organize any relevant training

-   Social evenings are generally intended for sharing race experiences; from the emotional journey of taking part through to pre-race training, race preparation, the racing experience, post-race summaries, and equipment analysis. It is a great way for our Members to retain contact throughout race season, get and give advice, and reflect on and improve performance.

-   The Club will organize regular biking, swimming and running events. Our main element of support is to find the venues, and invite some professional coaches. In the initial stages this will mainly be arranged mutually with Members, with venue and equipment support from the Club.

5. New product launch trial program, test ride etc.

About domestic ITU race (CTSA series)

If you want to join domestic ITU races, then you need to belong a club that is officially registered under CTSA (China Triathlon Sports Association). STC is one of the official member under CTSA in Shanghai area. Since there are a lot of work involved to help members register for ITU races, we would only provide this service to premium members. 

To be able to participate domestic ITU races, other than become STC premium member (fill out membership registration form and make membership payment), you should also prepare the following documents:

-   Health check report:  It’s mandatory to receive a Health Check-up at most 3 months before the race day at a Level II-A(二级甲等) or above hospital and get the related certificate, which must be shown when registration after arriving at the race site. The health check should include:  General Examination of Internal Medicine and Surgery; Examination of Blood Pressure (BP); Examination of Electrocardiogram (ECG)

-   Deep water swimming certificate or Triathlon race results certificate: if you do not have either of the two certificates, you can do a test in race site to get the deep water certificate

-   Insurance: athletes must have insurance coverage and bring both original and a copy. The Accidental death and dismemberment reimburse must >= RMB300,000 and Medical reimbursement must >=RMB15,000. And the length of the contract must cover at three days before the race and one day after the race (in total 5 days)

The above documents will only be needed when check in for the race, you will need to hand in copy for all above documents as well as a copy of your passport. Please be reminded to keep a copy by your own because the organizer will take your copies away and will not give back to you.

All above information will be reminded in STC’s email newsletter. To register for ITU races, you simply just need to reply to STC’s email about race registration/fill out the registration form/provide a copy of your passport (club will keep a copy if you registered before)/make race fee payment.

Once you are successfully registered, STC will keep you updated on travel & accommodation arrangements by email, as well as check list, documents need to prepare etc.

Supplementary info

- STC reserves the right to cancel membership if a member contravenes the STC constitution

- STC reserves the right to amend the Club Membership Constitution and Benefits at any time, and any such changes will be published on the website with immediate effect.

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