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Shanghai Triathlon Club has amassed over 500 members since it was established in 2004. Members span all levels of interest and ability, so whether you are young, old, male or female, it’s a good place to meet like-minded friends.

Participating in events

Club members take part in a wide range of multisport events at home and abroad – triathlons, marathons, ultra-running, trail-running, biking and swimming events. The Club assists members to sign-up, gain more event information, and generally have a more enjoyable event experience by being better prepared. The Club also organises social events to strengthen communication between members so they can share their event experiences and have some fun!

Organising training

The Club organises some regular training sessions, You can find the training schedule on ‘training’ section page. The Club also sometimes arranges weekend training camps, usually in scenic areas outside Shanghai such as 1000-Island Lake and Moganshan. All of these events are posted on the Club website and sent out to the mailing list.

Organising events

We also organize official races such as Anting Triathlon (www.antingtriathlon.com) which happens twice a year; 24 hours Moronathon charity run (www.moronathon.org), and we will have a new race for this year: Shaoxing offroad triathlon. We are keen to promote the sport of triathlon to a wider audience, so that more people will take an interest in health and environmental issues.

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